Simple Promotions and Upsells

Simple Promotions and Upsells is a simple yet effective app for post-purchase offers and one-click upsells.

Display amazing offers to increase the average order value.

No Loss in Performance

Offers are compatible with the latest high-quality Shopify themes and do not affect your Shopify store's performance.

Eligibility Triggers

It is capable of creating eligibility triggers and displaying promotions or upsells based on specific conditions.

Advanced Visual Editor

Advanced visual editor allows you to create visually stunning offers without any coding skills.

Mobile Compatible Offers

Offers are compatible with both mobile and desktop devices, ensuring a consistent and optimal experience for customers across all platforms.

Unlimited Customizations

We provide exclusive design and code customization options, allowing you to craft unique shopping experiences for your customers.

Always Up-to-date

We continuously update to adhere to the latest Shopify standards and value user feedback and ideas, ensuring it remains the golden standard among promotion and upsell apps.

Screenshots of the Simple Promotions and Upsells

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Key Features

Create more revenue with simple promotions, offers, and upsells.

Super Simple 1-Click Upsells

All upsell and promotion types allow your customers to easily accept each offer with just one click.

Post-purchase Offers

Post-purchase offers are additional sales offers that are presented to customers immediately after they complete their purchase.

Thank You Page Offers

Create irresistible offers, specifically designed for your Thank You page, to boost your average order value.

Popup, Widget and Bar Offers

Add eye-catching popups, irresistible promotion bars, and silent but effective widgets to increase your sales.

Countdown Timer

Add a countdown timer to your offers to create a sense of urgency for your customers and drive sales.

A/B Testing

You can create the same offer with different conditions in order to track the performance of each offer separately.

How to install Simple Promotions and Upsells?

Simple Promotions and Upsells provides an effortless setup process, enabling users to install the application quickly, typically in less than a minute.

Visit Shopify App Store

Find Simple Promotions & Upsells on the Shopify App Store.

Click Install Button

Simply click on the "Install" button and follow the steps.

Create Offers

Create promotions and upsells with the visual editor.


Free plan available.

Simple Promotions and Upsells offers pricing options tailored to businesses of all sizes and stages. Whether you're a startup or a large corporation, our flexible offerings guarantee that every business finds a suitable fit, delivering value at every level. It is free to install and use until you reach the threshold of 50 orders per month. If your monthly order volume is below 50, you can continue to use Simple Promotions and Upsells indefinitely, free of charge.


All the basics you need to increase your sales


Free for up to 50 orders/month. $19.99 for more than 50 orders.

Super Simple 1-Click Upsells

Promotion Bars, Widgets & Popups

Countdown Timer

Advanced Visual Offer Editor

Advanced Triggers

Offer Analytics

Unlimited Views

Setup Help


Advanced features for scaling your business


Unlimited access to all amazing features.


Unlimited Orders

A/B Testing for Offers

100% Offer Customization

Thank You Page Offers

Post Purchase Offers

Fully Customizable Offer Designs

High Priority Support

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More than 10.000+ Shopify stores have been powered by Simplio.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have queries, and we're here to provide clarity. This section addresses the most commonly asked questions about our apps and services. If your question isn't covered, contact our support team for personalized assistance. We hope this FAQ helps streamline your experience with us!

Implementing Post-Purchase Offers can significantly boost your business’s AOV (Average Order Value) by providing customers with the opportunity to include additional products to their order even after they’ve completed the initial checkout process. Click here

to learn how to create post-purchase offers in a few clicks.

A pop-up is a small window that unexpectedly appears on a user’s screen while they are browsing. It "pops up" to display special offers or messages. Pop-ups can be highly effective in quickly conveying your offer during that brief moment of attention. Click here to learn how to create compelling pop-up offers.

Widget offers are interactive and engaging, providing instant gratification that effectively captures customers’ attention. They can be utilized in various ways, such as offering discounts, free shipping, or gifts with purchase. Widget offers can be placed on the homepage, product pages, or any landing pages, featuring limited-time promotions to attract visitors. Click here to learn how to create compelling widget offers.

A promotion bar offer is a subtle way to promote products without overly disturbing your customers. This method involves creating a visually distinct bar to capture your customers' attention. Click here

to learn how to create effective promotion bar offers.

You can preview your offers after saving them. Please watch our video tutorials to learn how to create and preview offers by clicking here.